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SUBCONTEX Gipuzkoa is a service oriented to the identification of industrial subcontracting companies with capacity to fulfill the manufacturing needs of purchasing companies. We connect buyers with interested and capable suppliers.

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To whom is it addressed?

To PURCHASING MANAGERS, looking for competitive and specialized new suppliers.

Please send us information about the activity you’ d like to subcontract (For example: type of parts, manufacturing process, measures, materials, size of batches, application, drawings, etc...)

In a few days you will receive a selection of subcontracting companies that match the posed manufacturing needs. The accuracy of the selection will depend on the information you send us.

And verify its advantages:

  • It is not just a list of companies. We are able to select a reduced number of suppliers with confirmed interest and capable to answer to purchasers’ requirements and schedule visits to subcontracting companies.
  • Free service. The aim is to increase the competitiveness of our subcontracting companies and diversify their markets, putting them in touch with Purchasing Managers interested in identifying new suppliers.
  • Confidentiality. Contact details of the purchaser are given to subcontracting companies, or we can keep the anonymity if the purchaser prefers so.
  • Experts in industrial outsourcing and in establishing contacts between purchasers and potential subcontractors, the Subcontracting Exchange has more than 100 members (link CATALOGUE) working in Metallic transformation (Foundry, Forging, Machining), Plastic and Rubber, Tooling and Tools, Electricity and Electronic, Thermal Treatments, Surface treatments, Sheetmetal works, Assemblies, etc... with experience in sectors such as the automotive industry, transport, household appliances, machine tools industry, aeronautical industry, energy, etc... that can satisfy your demand


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